Delaroche Belgian Shepherds & Norwegian Buhunds

Delaroche Kennels is located in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia. We are a small family kennel that breeds only occasionally and selectively.

We’ve been involved with Belgian Shepherds for approximately 16 years and were dedicated to the Belgian Groenendael (black long coat) . We are conscientious breeders who’s priority is to breed beautiful puppies with outstanding temperament and good health. We rely on the integrity and truthfulness of other breeders when looking for the perfect sire for our litters to assist us in reaching our goal of breeding healthy puppies free of epilepsy, hip displaysia etc…

Our puppies are raised in a family environment surrounded by love and affection and exposed to all aspects of our daily lives which includes children, cats, other dogs and animals. They are suited to show, pet, obedience, tracking or agility and will give you a lifetime of love, affection and enjoyment!

Delaroche is home to SA’s most highly awarded and ONLY Supreme Champion Belgian Shepherd of any variety. We are also home and breeders of South Australia’s only Herding titled Belgians of any variety.

Please be patient as we construct our new website. come and visit us often to see the changes and updates.